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A.S Traders was established in the Lahore Pakistan and Catering to the Perfumery needs of the People all around the globe since 1965. Its creations after creations have been adoring the exotic, the romantic, the introvert & the contemporary in many ways than one. Naturally, from a perfumery that indulges in psychology, the world can look forward to perfumes with distinctive personality.
"So it happened"

"In Islamic traditions, small pieces of Agarwood are burnt to keep the interiors of houses hygienic and aromatic". A Source of inspiration is behind every success story. But smelling opportunities in these seemingly simple opportunities call for vision and strong business acumen. This is what the founders of A.S traders has proved.

Our Vision

A.S Perfumers vision is to be the Leaders in Perfumes & cosmetics industry by delivering superior quality products to its customers and makes all A.S Perfumers the choice for all customers from all over the world.

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